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Qualified Rigger 7A Outline 8 hour class 2

This is an eight hour course that discusses the fundamentals of rigging. It is designed for individuals rigging and handling suspended loads in construction, manufacturing, utilities and various environments that must adhere to OSHA regulations. The ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and All-Lifts Recommendations are heavily addressed as well. This course serves to educate not only the basic skills but also more advanced.

By using audience response software that allow response and scoring of attendees thru out the course, audience participation is increased.

Same as class 1 with less emphasis on math skills.


  1. Rigging Today
    1. NYC Crane Collapse
    2. New OSHA Regulations
  1.                                                                i.      Qualified Rigger requirements
  2.                                                              ii.      Qualified Signal Person requirements
  3.                                                                i.      Sling Inspection Competition Hands on
  4.                                                              ii.      Effects of Angular loading
  5.                                                            iii.      Effects of small D:d Ratio
  6.                                                            iv.      Effects of Shock loading
  1. OSHA CFR 1910.184
    1. Rigging Practices
  1. Evaluation the use of rigging gear
  2. Basic Rigging Plan
  3. Load Control
  4. Load Stability and Center of Gravity (Some attendee participation)
  5. Rigging for load Stability
    1. Question and answer (hands on)
  1. Finding the weight of the load (hands on)
  2. Sling tension Calculation
    1. Sling load distribution (hands on)
  1. Crosby Tools


Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, Crosby 7A work book for reference, and 16 panel pocket guide.

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