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All-Lifts, Inc. has been in the rigging supply industry since its inception in 1966. Over the years the company has evolved to adapt to new changes in the industry. In recent years the company has allocated more time to tuning in to the needs of customers and recently the business has been going through a great deal of change.

Marshall Olds III started All-Lifts Inc. in June of 1966. He started the company with a 500-ton National press that allowed him to fabricate wire rope slings from 1/4 inch in diameter up to 1-1/2 inch diameter. The business was started at the height of the Empire State Plaza construction in downtown Albany. In 1972 Mr. Olds purchased a 350,000-pound proof test machine. He was one of the first small fabrication shops to install a proof test machine in the industry. These actions established the groundwork for All-Lifts to be a leader in the industry.

Mr. Olds hired Frederick Dewey as a salesman in 1975 to help grow the business by penetrating new markets. An agreement was made between Mr. Dewey and Mr. Olds that provided Mr. Dewey the opportunity to purchase the company from Marshall when he decided to retire. Mr. Dewey was responsible for taking many of the product lines that Marshall had started with and elevating them to top distributor status. In 1978 Mr. Dewey purchased All-Lifts Inc. from Mr. Olds. During the 80's and 90's the company had success and continued to grow during some very turbulent times. A sewing machine was purchased in 1985 to increase the capability to the fabrication of nylon slings.

The ability to provide large lifting arrangements to the power generation industry was created in 1990. This provided a new market potential for All-Lifts Inc. When our suppliers were unable to meet delivery dates established by customers, All-Lifts Inc. decided to start the fabrication of the steel lifting beams in their own shop. Fabrication of steel lifting beams business is currently on of the fastest-growing segment.  Today All-Lifts provides lifting arraignments to numerous fortune 500 companies that get shipped world wide.

Between 1977 and 1980, Steven Dewey and Patrick Dewey joined All-Lifts. Both are sons of Frederick Dewey and both started in the shop fabricating wire rope slings and chain slings to get the hands on experience that is needed to have a complete understanding of the lifting and rigging business from the ground up. 

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