Manual Hoist Inspection      

All-Lifts, Inc. Hoist Inspection Program

Since inception, in 1966, All-Lifts, Inc. has been on the leading edge of the rigging industry by originality and innovation.  Our Hoist Inspection Program is no exception.

All inspections performed by our Technicians will be in accordance with ASME B30.16 and manufacturers recommendations.  Inspection process as follows:

  • Visual inspection of all external components
  • Disassemble hoist/puller to expose all internal components required to be inspected per manufacturers recommendations.
  • Clean all components in order to assure thorough evaluation.
  • Components visually inspected for wear and defects.
  • Any components requiring lubrication will be lubricated as necessary.
  • Unit will be reassembled and brakes set per manufacturers instructions.
  • Technician will perform an operational check to assure full functionality
  • Each unit WILL BE dynamically and statically load tested to 125% of its rated capacity.
  • Permanent tag will be affixed to the unit with the report number and date of inspection.
  • A report will be generated for each unit inspected (sample attached) information including:
    • Make
    • Model #
    • Serial #
    • Capacity
    • Lift (ft)
    • Condition of every component inspected (sample attached)  
  • Report will be issued to each location at time of departure. An electronic copy will be down loaded to All-Lifts data base.

In May of 1998, All-Lifts, Inc. designed and built a mobile inspection/test trailer which brings our shop to you.  The on-site test trailer is self-contained and self sufficient due to a tri-fuel generator, which means we do not require floor space or hook-up at your facility, This means less interruption in your daily operations.  The test trailer is fully equipped with:                                                                  

  • Static and dynamic load tester up to 24,000 lbs.
  • Tools and parts required for inspection and repair of all major brands of hoist and pullers.
  • Fully integrated reporting capabilities
  • Experienced Technicians familiar with all major brands of hoists and pullers.
  • Technicians also qualified to inspect all types of slings and rigging hardware.

View Sample Inspection Report
Wire rope puller sample report

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