1/2" Capacity at 60 Degrees 13,000 at 45 Degrees 10,300
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1/2" Capacity at 60 degrees 13,000 lbs 45 degrees 10,300 lbs
All slings are flemish spliced
Standard slings fabricated by All-lifts, Inc. are made from wire rope made in the USA
Slings made from imported wire rope can be supplied upon request

With the possibility of variation in the length of sling legs and the height of the sling attachment points it is highly probable that the load will be held by 3 or maybe as few as 2 legs of the sling. All-Lifts, recommends that you use the more conservative rated capacities of the 2-leg bridle slings. The additional legs of the 3 or 4 leg bridle will aid in balancing the load.


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