Double Girder Top Running Cranes
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Harrington's CMTM /CMUM motorized, CMTP / CMUP push and CMTG / CMUG geared Max-E-Lift crane systems provide the maximum lifting hook height available in the industry today. This system consists of a double girder bridge crane with our unique Max-E-Lift trolley hoist which operates on top of the bridge. All Max-E-Lift systems are built to spec-specifications available per individual requirements.

• Top running configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 10 Ton - Up to 60' Span
• Underhung configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 5 Ton - Up to 50' Span
• Bolted assembly for quick and easy installation - minimal or no welding required
• Most wiring connections are factory installed or plug-in type
• Unique side guide rollers reduce wheel friction and allow smooth crane travel
• Rail sweeps, drop stops and rubber bumpers are standard equipment
• Max-E-Lift systems allow for maximum headroom and hook height that traditional cranes cannot accommodate.

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