UNC Side Pull Hoist Rings
# HR-1200
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• Wide range of capacities available:
• 650 lbs. to 29,000 lbs.
• Metric sizes from 0.3 tonnes to 13 tonnes.
• Body components are Alloy Steel - Quenched and Tempered.
• Rated at 100% of Working Load Limit for angles up to 90 degrees.
• Each product is stamped with a Product Identification Code (PIC), for
material traceability, along with a Working Load Limit, and the name
Crosby or "CG".
• Hoist Ring body is furnished with Yellow Chromate finish for
improved corrosion resistance.
• Utilize standard Crosby Red Pin® Shackles to connect to wire
rope or synthetic slings. (sold separately)
• Multiple bolt lengths available to meet specific application
• Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times Working Load Limit.
• All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.

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