Technical Articles and Special Links      

Below you will find technical articles written by the All-lifts staff or from the contributions of our suppliers. We have also found useful links that will help the rigger better perform their jobs.

Come back here often as we will add articles as they are written. This will help you stay up to date on OSHA, ASME, and Manufacturers requirements in the industry.

Also watch for Riggit Tony on faxes and emails. If you would like to be added to our Riggit Tony only sends out articles when we want to help you become our best customer by being the most knowledgeable in the rigging industry. These articles will come new standards  or things we see in our travels.

A. Riggit Tony Chain sling Tool box
B. Riggit Tony lets you know about the Load Securement Standard
C. Riggit Tony on Winching
D. Riggit Tony says don't rig from the Roof
E. Riggit Tony talks about Center of Gravity
F. Riggit Tony talks about Sling Angles
G. Bridon American on Certification of Wire rope
H. Bridon American on Remove from service requirements of Wire rope
I. Bridon American on the Selection of Wire rope
J. Bridon American shows proper Handling of Wire rope
K. Bridon American talks about the proper Storage of Wire rope
L. Bridon American Tells you how to inspect Wire rope
M. Bridon American WARNINGS for the Use of Wire rope
N. Does OSHA require that a lifting beam or spreader beam be engineered and tested??
O. Federal Load Securement Standard 49 CFR Parts 392 and 393
P. OSHA Cranes and Derricks in Construction 29 CFR 1926 final Rule August 9 2010
Q. OSHA Sling Guidance Document
R. SC&RA release iTune and Black berry App for Hand Signals
S. Triginometry Calculator
T. Winch Load Calculator free downdload
U.Crosby Rigging Calculator Software download

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