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Each manufacturing facility of The Crosby Group offers state-of-the-art processes and technology.

Lebus Manufacturing (Longview, TX)
In 1956 Lebus became part of The Crosby Group. The name Lebus, with its load binders, snatch blocks and tail chains was a highly recognized name in the Texas oil fields. Their quality was second to none. Over the years, most all of the forging work for The Crosby Group has been moved to Lebus to make use of their larger facilities.

Today, Lebus continues to put an emphasis on producing a quality product. Like all Crosby facilities, extensive quality control systems are in effect from the time steel is unloaded, through the various production stages, to when the product is packaged and shipped. The modern factory utilizes the latest technology to prepare the high volume of dies needed for the forge shop. Machining and assembly of many of the forgings is performed at Lebus. In addition, the plant's heat-treating furnaces offer all the capabilities to normalize and Quench & Temper products. Lebus currently forges the load binders, shackles, hooks, turnbuckles, links, rings and other products available throughout the Crosby line. Lebus Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified.

McKissick Products (Tulsa, OK)
McKissick Products, acquired in 1959, is the largest block producer in the world. Organized in 1925 as Peerless Supply Co., it began as a distributor specializing in oilfield and welding supplies. The company's involvement in the block business came after 1925. At that time, laws were passed requiring safety guards on wire line entrances to oilfield blocks. It was McKissick that developed and patented a wire line guard which could be opened to allow the reeving of the block without disassembly. Since 1937, when it...


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