Crosby Group

...began focusing on making blocks, McKissick has developed into the producer of the widest range of crane blocks, snatch blocks, construction blocks, specialty blocks and sheaves in the world. In addition, McKissick also produces the Crosby Red-U-Bolt Clip, the world standard for forged wire rope clips. McKissick's certifications to ISO 9001 and API Q1 reinforce their commitment to continued quality. McKissick is Your Total Block Company.

National Swage (Jacksonville, AR)
In 1969 National Swage was acquired. National is the world leader in the manufacturing of swage fittings used in the fabrication of wire rope slings and pendant lines for cranes. National offers the patented "Cold-Tuff" process that gives mechanical properties equal to or exceeding those of stainless steel swage fittings. Crosby National also offers a line of swaging machines used to press the fittings onto wire rope. Crosby National is ISO 9001 Certified.


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