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All-Lifts, Inc. has a highly trained service staff that inspects and repairs a wide variety of hoists, slings, come-a-longs, cranes and rigging gear. We perform on-site inspections with our mobile testing trailer and supply detailed inspection reports that keep our customer informed and OSHA-compliant.


All-Lifts, Inc. on-site sling inspection program designed to evaluate the condition of slings within a customer’s facility, determine sling requirement, and provide training to ensure a safe working environment.


A detailed status report on the slings within the customer’s facility.

Promotes the implementation of proper rigging practices.

Facilitates the compliance with OSHA regulations.


We believe well informed customers are better equipped to properly perform their duties in a safe and timely manner.  To educate employees on proper rigging techniques and rigging safety.  All-Lifts, Inc. has developed programs that focus on the proper use, care and maintenance of a wide variety of rigging equipment.  

From 15-minute toolbox talks to full day seminars, we have been providing training to our customers for over 15 years.  Literally thousands of employees for hundreds of companies across the Northeast have attended these seminars.  Seminar program outlines and dates are posted at 

Manual Hoist Inspection Service 

All-Lifts, Inc designed and built a mobile inspection and test trailer to increase the services we offer our customers. The on-site test trailer alleviates the logistical problems that were created by requiring you to bring units in need of inspection to our Albany facility. Now, we can perform all necessary inspections and testing on-site without disrupting your daily operations.

The mobile unit allows us to inspect and static or dynamic load test hoists, lever pullers and slings quickly and easily, keeping “out of service” time to a minimum. The trailer is also set up with a complete workshop. On board are tools, work benches, a drill press, and the necessary equipment for hoist and lever puller repair.

We also have developed a computer data base that allows us to complete the necessary reports for hoist and sling inspections. Reports are printed at the time of the inspection. This allows the customer to plan for any necessary repairs and maintains relevant records in compliance with applicable O.S.H.A regulations.



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