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Wire Rope Slings + Chain Slings + Synthetic Slings

Wire Rope Slings

All-Lifts, Inc. manufactures wire rope slings using the highest quality components available. The wire rope slings fabricated by All-Lifts, Inc. are made using a technique called the Flemish eye mechanical splice. This method provides superior splice efficiency and safety. 


Eye & Eye Slings

Multiple Leg Brindle Slings

Cable Laid Grommets

Braided Wire Rope Slings

Crane Boom Pendants

Hand Spliced Slings

Chain Slings

All-Lifts, Inc. assembles chain slings using 100% “Made in USA” components.  After assembly, all slings are proof tested 200% of the rated capacity and tagged according to OSHA regulations.  A proof test certificate is issued containing an individual serial number.  A copy of this certificate is sent to the customer and one is also kept on file at our facility.

Flat Web Slings

All-Lifts, Inc. manufactures synthetic slings of many sizes and configurations.  Standard slings are in stock and custom slings can be made to order.


1” to 12” width • 1” to 4” ply thick

Custom Wear Protection • Any Length


TYPE 1 Triangle/Choker

TYPE 2 Triangle/Triangle

TYPE 3 Flat Eye/Eye

TYPE 4 Twisted Eye/Eye

TYPE 5 Endless

TYPE 6 Reverse Eye

Widelift Slings

Round Slings

All-Lifts Manufactures round slings from 2,600 lbs capacity to 90,000 lbs capacity. Our Round slings feature a method of protecting the tag resulting in extended life of the sling. Our manufacturing process is second to none with state of the art equipment which allows us to have a rapid response to customer demands.  With hundreds of slings in stock custom order are easily made.

High Performance Round Sling -  All-Lift is now manufacturing High Performance round slings. Our High capacity slings are extremely useful when lifting large loads up. These slings are extremely light weight while having lifting capacity in excess of 500,000 lbs.  

Sling Gallery

Wire Slings before Shipping
Synthetic slings
Wire Slings of various sizes
Nylon Sling
Wire Rope Grommet
Wire Rope Braid


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